A new year For Powelly52.com

To ye faithful followers, and those who have stumbled upon Powelly52.com.

Your patience will be rewarded.

January 2015 Brings new life into The Powelly52.com. New Films are being shot and edited nearly everyday. More Photographs and Drawings have been created over the past nine months then I dare count, measurable now in Terabytes rather than figures.

New and exciting avenues are opening up all over the shop, ready to be explored, ready to be fully taken by the horns.

Fitness freaks will not be disappointed.

Comedy lovers will be Tickled.

Skeptics, Narcissists and conspiracists You’re in for a treat!


Travel. Learn. Share.

Something good is coming

Welcome to Powelly52.com

My brand new website. My first ever ‘.com’ and oh how proud I am. For me this will become a place to collect together the things I hold dear and share them with the world. A place where the most interesting things in this life can be squeezed together through the magic of cyberspace and be thrown into your big red faces. Im intoxicated with excitement.

but wait..


Why Should you be wetting your pants with excitement?


Among the riff-raff of your internet daily life, between the Facebook feeds and Twitter avalanches, you can click on me. You can check in with old Mark and find things you like, find things you hate and find the sorts of things you’d forgotten about.

A daily blog – for better or for worse. Thoughts, Feelings, Issues, Tips, Advice, Humour & much more.

Exclusive access to Articles – Previews of current works, Published articles and New Ideas

Scripts – intellectual property these days is a nightmare, why not just post scripts for the world to see

My very best Photos & Drawings – A skill twenty five years in the making. Judge for yourself.

My passion – Film – from ‘Silly Songs with Mark’ to intellectually challenging pieces. My films are where my heart truly lies.



This is all coming. For now, you have to wait.